CELCOM Home, Hop & Away

If you already have a Telekom Streamyx (RM88/month) and have been looking for a 3G broadband, you can save a few buck by subscribing to CELCOM Home, Hop and Away.
It basically a package where you only need to add another RM20/month and get a CELCOM 3G broadband 384Kbps. You basicall will get a SIM card (or USIM as they call it). So you pay RM108/month for both your Streamyx and 3G broadband.
No free modem though, its RM500+ at the tmpoint counter (Huawei E220). But i manage to get one through the internet for RM350.
The speed of the 3G broadband is quite good, I ran a speed test at speedtest.net and get a full 384Kbps. But i guess this would depends on where you are, different location would yeild different result.

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